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Topics: Police, Pepper spray, Less-lethal weapon Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Critical Issues Paper: Week Eight Assignment

Critical Issues Paper: Week Eight Assignment

As outlined in the course syllabus for week eight this paper is going to focus in on critical issues involved in policing. I will first provide examples of technology involved in policing and how technology enhances or detracts from police organizations’ ability to function. Secondly, I will provide examples of less-than lethal weapons and how less-than lethal weapons affect policing in todays’ society. Last, I will show examples of dangers faced by police and how police organizations’ address these dangers. Examples of technology used in policing and how technology enhances or detracts from police organizations’ ability to function. Modern technology is changing the way police departments operate. Utilizing up-to-date equipment improves efficiency and effectiveness, greatly impacting officer safety. Imaging equipment, communications systems and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are just a few examples of modern technology in policing today. Photo enforcement systems supplement a department's efforts to reduce red-light violations and speeding. Motion-sensitive cameras enable law enforcement officers to instantly observe criminals in action and covertly monitor nearly any location for crimes. Thermal-imaging cameras can detect heat from marijuana-growing operations. They can also be used to locate suspects.

On-board computer terminals with wireless capability give officers real-time access to information, database files and mapping systems. Community policing, or variations of it, has become the national mantra of the American police. Throughout the United States, the language, symbolism, and programs of community policing have sprung up in urban, suburban, and even rural police departments. For more than 15 years and through at least one generation of police officers, community and problem-oriented policing have been advanced by their...
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