Critical Issues, Problems and Solution of Solutions Software Company

Topics: Organizational structure, Leadership, Organization Pages: 10 (2895 words) Published: March 18, 2011
1. Introduction

Solutions Software Company is a leading international software company. It is Australian division which is located in Sydney. Jane Cordon is new General Manger in Solutions Software Company. However, due to strange work environment and new work requirements, there exist many problems in Solutions Software Company. These problems include leadership skill problems, conflict of communication or inappropriate leadership style. If some problems don’t gain effective solutions, conflict between leaders and employees or subordinates will impact on work efficiency and performance. They need to strengthen cooperation and improvement of skills for improvement of performance. The purpose of this report is to identify critical issues and problems that are affecting work performance and cooperation at Solution Software Company. This report will select relevant theories and concepts to analyze these problems and issues. This report also offers options and makes recommendations to assist the General Manager to resolve the perceived problems at Solution Software Company. This report works for General Manager and Solution Software Company. This report will use organizational strategy and organizational structure to analyze critical issue such as divisional or functional structure or any other structures. This report will discuss effective organizational design and structure and coordination and control of work activities. Inter-organizational design and structure and coordination also will be discussed. Report will focus on control of work activities and transformational leadership. Organizational change will be focused on and discussed such as roles of transformational leadership style and decision making. This report will discuss organizational communication and transformational leadership and team work and organizational effectiveness. At least ten academic journal articles and book will be quoted and used.

2. Discussion and analysis

2.1 High pressure of head office and inappropriate organizational structure

Jane Cordon is new general manager with good work background in hard ware company. However, she only has worked for three months. She didn’t understand real situation of Solutions Software Company. She has high pressure on present situation because two senior sales consultants want to gain flexible work time. However, David and Susan asked to gain flexible time. There are three senior sales consultants. One of them is Amanda already gained flexible work time. If three senior sales consultants gain flexible work time, Jane Cordon will face high pressure of head office. It is very difficult to harmonize this relationship between head office and subordinate. Inappropriate organizational structure will lead to new conflict and contradiction and reduction of performance. As General Manager, Jane Cordon should resign organizational structure in order to strengthen coordination and control of work activities. Effective organizational design may help Jane Cordon melt conflict and contradiction. Jane Cordon should use divisional organizational structure to resign Solutions Software Company. Effective organizational structure design may help company melt conflict and improve performance. Bartol, Martin, Tien & Matthews (2004) discuss that divisions of organizational structure can react quickly to environment. They have strong orientation toward customer requirements with simplified co-ordination. A divisional structure also may focus on limited range of products, geographical areas or type of customers in order to offer opportunities for managers to develop general management skills. Divisional organizational structure may provide accurate measurement of division performance. Jane may resign organizational structure with division of customers because three senior sales consultants may concentrate on their work situation. According to their delegation and division of work, David and Susan may gain flexible work...
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