Critical Issues of Big Apple Product

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The critical issues found in our company is clarity of goals; quantification of processes and objectives; realistic and achievable goals; and flexibility to in corporate changes whenever necessary due to changing market conditions.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum profit out of our expenses and sales throughout the year. We are also focusing our product(doughnut) to customer based product where customers satisfaction is our primary objective. We are also targeting goal for our company whwere we expects to be among the famous doughnut sellers all over the world. We are targeting our sales to increase by amount each year.

Our main objective is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in relation to the product provided by the company Big Apple. Our company also aimed to maintain a stable employment opportunities and working conditions for all employees, so that we could build up a reputable organization culture. Moreover, another objectives is about financial where we aimed to gain maximum market share over the first 5 years and reach market saturation within the next 5 years.

After the proper observation on our business plan and processes, we had come to an conclusion that we are capable of achieving all our goals and objectives. This is due to the complete and reliable resources that we obtained which is our workers, organization, capital, and excellent targeted location.

Then, we are also assumed some unexpected internal and external factors that will affect the growth of our company, Big Apple. Internal factors such as company top management that enjoys from different levels of employees and board of directors have important influence on their marketing strategies. Other than that is finance and accounting, research and development, manufacturing, purchasing and company image and brand equity. Finance and accounting is where the organization may face a fraud in accounts where we having cash shortage. Research...
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