Critical Issues in Managing Information System in Organization

Topics: Project management, Dell, Management Pages: 43 (14935 words) Published: May 23, 2013
1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Background to the Company3
1.2 Success Factors4
1.3 SWOT analysis of DELL5
1.4 Executive Summary7
2.0 New roles of CIO8
2.1 Roles of CIO in IT business world8
2.2 CIO Responsibilities9
2.3 Dell’s CIO11
2.4 BYOD- Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis12
2.5 CIO of other companies13
2.6 Influence of DELL15
2.7 CIOs in future16
2.8 Critical evaluation17
3.0 IS Finance and Investment Management18
3.1 Introduction18
3.2 Investment Management of Information Technology Enhanced by Leadership19
3.3 Investment Management of Long Term Cost Related to Information Technology20
3.4 Efficient Use of Resources:22
3.6 Productivity and Efficiency across Dell Inc.23
3.7 Make or Buy, Dell Inc. Diversifies its Information Technology25
3.8 Conclusion27
4.9 Analysis32
5.0 Legal Issues33
5.1 Patent34
5.2 Trademark35
5.3 Copyright38
5.4 Trade Secrets40
5.5 Dell Lawsuit Case Study41
5.6 SWOT Analysis of Dell from a Legal Point of View45
5.7 Conclusion46
6.0 References47
Appendix A – List of Trademarks54
Appendix B – Non-Disclosure Agreement61

1.0 Introduction
The aim of this paper is to conduct research in Dell Company based in Malaysia with the main concern of the company is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow in all departments.

The background and the current situation will be analyzed by the group of researchers. And, each of the four researchers will conduct analysis of four research areas namely new roles of CIO, IS Finance and Investment Management, IT Project Management and Legal Issues. The facts will be analysed and recommendations proposed to improve overall efficiency of the company.

1.1 Background to the Company
Dell is a worldwide information technology company that offers its customers a broad range of product and services provided either directly through Dell or through other distribution channels. They aim to provide technology solutions what are more proficient, available, and easier to manage. (, n.d.)

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. The business is based in the sole concept that by selling computers directly to the clients, they could reach a better understanding of their need and this more efficiently meet their customer needs by providing more suitable computing solutions. This concept, which implies a direct business model, eradicates retailers, thus saving superfluous cost and time and enables Dell to better understand their customer expectations. The direct model permits Dell to build every system in a way to offer every customer powerful, richly-configured systems at competitive prices. Dell also bring the market latest technologies much more swiftly than companies with indirect distribution channels which are slow-moving. (, n.d.)

Having long maintained the title of world’s largest direct-sale computer vendor, Dell Inc. is now the leading seller in computer systems in the world, dominating 15 percent of the global market share. Dell markets desktop computers, notebook computers, network servers, workstations, handheld computers, monitors, printers, high-end storage products, and a variety of peripherals and software. The company penetrated the consumer electronics arena, offering LCD televisions, projectors, and other products . (, n.d.)

Dell possesses six production facilities worldwide and they are located in Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Eldorado do Sul, Brazil; Limerick, Ireland; Penang, Malaysia; and Xiamen, China. (, n.d.)

Around 67 percent of Dell revenue originates from the United States, with 22...
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