Critical Incidents

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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“A critical incident is one which causes a person to pause and contemplate the events that have occurred to try to give them some meaning. This may be a positive experience or a negative one. Using a critical incident as a way of reflecting involves the identification of behaviour deemed to have been particularly helpful or unhelpful in a given situation” (Hannigan, 2001). Generally, everyone in society has been taught by a teacher, they made a difference in children and influenced them to become the future generation of tomorrow. There are three critical incidents that have shaped my thinking about teaching from my experiences in primary and secondary school. While reflecting back on my time at my primary school, I could vividly remember my teacher Miss Cameel , she was my Standard Three teacher. Miss Cameel inspired me to become a teacher by the way she interacted with us, she was very patient, caring and understanding to all her students and I admired that about her. The manner that she taught was creative, fun and it was easy for us to learn and concentrate. She treated us like her own and that made me appreciated her even more. I remembered after school I would impersonate Miss Cameel, I would pretend to teach just like her and while growing up becoming a teacher was always my aspiration. Another incident that I encountered was in Standard five, my teacher Miss Sherry was a very strict person when it comes to teaching. She would always say that punishment was the best way for a child to learn faster and that’s exactly what she did to us. We were preparing for SEA Examination, we would practice past papers then corrected it and the amount we got wrong, she would strike us on our hands with her long, thick ruler. This made us became afraid of her and everyone disliked Miss Sherry because of that. Despite of the punishment, it helped us improved and focused alot better at the end. I personally dislike this method of punishment because...
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