Critical Evalution of Strategic Management in Familiar Organisation

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Critical Evaluation of Strategic Management in a Familiar Business or Organization






Critical Evaluation of Strategic Management in a Familiar Business or Organization


The strategic management encompasses the evaluation of strategies, their creation and the eventual implementation. The strategies allows for the determination of the business future and welfare. Nevertheless, the organization has to evaluate the processes encountered in the implementation of the strategies. Therefore this exercise will focus on the critical analysis of the management of the strategy process that is encountered in the strategy management activity. The process evaluation entails the determination of the validity in each constituent of the process. The achievement of the validity encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of the management process in the organization. The research identified the Nike Company for the evaluation of the strategic management processes (Alkhafaji, 2003). The process targeted the development in the company’s strategic management and the enhancement of the company’s overall benefit. This exercise intends to criticize every process involved in the strategic management to obtain merits as well as drawbacks associated with every procedure. The ascertained sides of the processes are fundamental in creation of efficient management strategies.

The vision statement is intended to spell out the means by which the organization proposes to achieve its main goal in the long run. Bebsides vision statement, Nike Company enshrined mission statement into its operations and this has given the right direction to take in terms of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing sports ware. The Nike Company has to necessitate the enhancement of the strategic process analysis to improve on the degree of the favor of their activities in the market (Cooper & Schindler, 2001). Nike’s mission statement aims at enabling the firm to create consumer products, services and communications, customer service and decoration system strategies, processes and tools that will create competitive advantage thereby offering high quality products that are superior to other firms’ products. Attaining this mission would affect different stakeholders, which is a key aspect to strategic management within organizations.

Through the mission statement, Nike Company aims at giving customers superior experience whilst creating an opportunity amongst them for profit growth using the products. In addition, the firm will directly use bottlers as an opportunity for growing profits in voluminous form thereby using the same in expansion and growth. Sports wares such as jerseys and boots are also used as trademarks in achieving this mission statement and this is a strategic plan on its own. The interpretation of the vision should be deemed before final implementation of the determined strategies. The company’s success lies on the effective examination and the evaluation of the processes incorporated in the strategic management exercise and the eventual implementation of each strategy.

The stages involved in the strategic management include planning, implementation and monitoring. The planning procedure demands puttying in place a general outline of the guidelines to be followed to attain every stated objective (Byars, 2000). The success or the failures in the strategies are determined by the planning procedure since it establishes accurate implementation and concise observations. The strategies implementation procedure emphasizes on the precision with which the outlined plans are performed with references to the targeted objectives. The accurate monitoring process provides the overall results, the strengths and the points of weaknesses that require adjustments. The monitoring process also entails the proposals and provisions for the best practices to...
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