Critical Evaluation of a Research Article

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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Critical Evaluation of a Research Article
Leonor Mora
University of Phoenix

The purpose of this paper is to do a critical evaluation of the research article “Using to Predict Team Performance in the Work Place.” This is a study to evaluate the high performance of individuals working in teams. The study samples 129 cadets of a military college divided into 29 squads. I would do an evaluation to find if the study has a clear notion of the problem, would analyze if the study has a purpose, and if it has significance. According to researchers, sociometric can provide an alternative to other methods, and this can be studied through the use of working team. I would analyze if through the use of a sociometric questionnaire the researchers find relevant information and what kind of information. Also would evaluate if any questions arouse and if those questions are reasonable in correlation with the study. Trough this evaluation I would identify the type of research method use to conduct the study, if it contains any bias, if there is a discussion about validity, and reliability. I also would also identify if there is enough information on the procedure, the type of statistical test use to conduct the study, if any, and if the discoveries be discussed in terms of their applications and practical significance.

Critical Evaluation of a Research Article
The research study presents an evaluation done with the use of sociometric, to analyze the behavior of employees as a team. The researched suggest that the trends use by employers, such as the increasing use of quality circles, autonomous work groups, team groups, and management, are becoming more pervasive that this is vital to stay competitive and productive in the workforce. The researchers study the performance of employees, such as performance, involvement, and quality, this last one as the most important point when working as a team. The research questions presented are reasonable,...
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