Critical Evaluation of Media

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Critical Evaluation of Media-Ryan Brodie
Sountrack, mise-en-scene and lighting are all essential techniques that need to be used effectively to create a fantastic film. All these techniques are perfected in the award winning film ‘The Others’. It was released in 2001 but is still noticed as a decent supernatural genre film. It was directed by Alejandro Amenábar.

Living in a large, miserable-looking and isolated house doesn’t make life easy for Grace who only lives with her two children, Anne and Nicholas. Grace is always obsessed on having a clean and tidy house. The house is huge inside but is very dark because the children have sceroderma pigmentosum meaning they cannot be exposed to any light brighter than candlelight. So the majority of the scenes throughout the film are in candlelight. As the story begins, three odd-looking servants show up at the house. Mrs Mills, Mr Turtle and Lydia set about the house doing everything obediently. Not so long after the servants had arrived, weird noises and unusual incidents start to occur. While theses noises and incidents carry on, Anne keeps telling Nicholas about a boy she has seen, called Victor. This does not help the situation! As all of these peculiar incidents are happening, all the stress and tension in the house starts to become unimaginable for Grace. But a stroke of luck comes when Charles, Grace’s husband, appears back from fighting in the war. Having just picked herself up, Grace gets more distress when Charles leaves again. As the film reaches the end, we find out that Grace, Anne and Nicholas and the three servants are dead. The ghosts that they thought they had heard were the people alive living in the house. Grace has gone mad, smothered her two children and shot herself. Throughout the film the three servants knew this but didn’t want to tell Grace. The film is scarcely intense and very dramatic.

As the opening credits begin, we see sepia tinted illustrations from the...
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