Critical Ethical Thinking Case

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Critical Ethical Thinking Case
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Business Law I
March 15, 2010
Many companies practice things that are unethical and illegal because it yields more profits to use such practices. Among these companies are the collection agencies because their main jobs are to use tactics to harass customers in an unlawful way using trickery to get what they want. In this case shows how managers prefer to use such tactics, but other managers prefer to use tactics or practices that are ethical and legal to get what their companies want. Also, some companies prefer the long term benefits of restructuring the existing practice for their shareholders because if these companies continue their current practices can result in legal responsibility.

Critical ethical Thinking Case
In this type of scenario you can see what is happening in our society today where many people suffer from collection agencies. Our country's economies has affected many people fall into the problem of being unable to pay their debts on time and are forced to deal with collection agencies. Many companies have their own collection agencies offices so they do not have to pay to other companies that engage in this type of business. A collection agency is a business that seeks pay on debts that people or any business owed. The majority of collection agencies run as negotiators of creditors and collect sum unpaid for a cost or proportion of the total quantity due. The shareholders are the holder of equity securities of a corporation and they can be called stockholder. The shareholders are always trying to make money, not to lose it. That’s why managers require inquiring themselves whether the planned action is legal. Also, managers need to pay attention to see if the interests of the shareholders are being served. Also, managers need follow the “Ethical Business Leader’s Decision Tree” is a very handy tool for...
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