Critical Essay on the "Cries" Which Launched the Philippine Revolution from the I-Stories

Topics: Manila, Katipunan, Quezon City Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 23, 2012
A paper on The I-Stories : The “Cries” which launched the Philippine Revolution

Pursuant Chapter 9 of The I-Stories, there have been “minor but nagging controver[sies] on how, when and where [the ‘cry’] actually started”. Four different sources, places and dates have been chosen from namely: The Cry of Pugad Lawin by Pio Valenzuela on August 23 and 26; The Cry of Bahay Toro by Santiago Alvarez on August 24; The Cry of Kalookan by Gregoria de Jesus on August 23; The Cry of Balintawak by Captain Oglegario Diaz on August 25; The Cry of Balintawak by Guilliermo masangkay on August 26; and lastly, The Cry of Balintawak by Vicente Samson on August 26; while Pasong Tamo was not mentioned again throughout the chapter. The only detail that they all agree about is the year 1896. All 6 different sources present similar ideas in their stories but different dates and places which caused them to oppose each other.

Until the National Historical Institute (NHI) discovered Valenzuela’s Memoirs that is parallel to his first statement on the first ‘cry’ which is The Cry of Pugad Lawin. As NHI considered the information found as precise. Around the year of 1963, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal agreed with the discovery of NHI and declared it as the official ‘cry’ which launched the 1896 Philippine Revolution. While I-Stories considers Valenzuela’s Pugad Lawin version as the most credible for a reason that his memories about the happening was still fresh when he wrote this.

I do not agree with Valenzuela because he was not consistent with his stories despite the memoirs of him that was found. Where in later was found out that the place Pugad Lawin itself could not be proven to exist for no other records during the Spanish colonization speaks of it. Also in agreement with the testimonials and comments of different Philippine History book authors such as Pedro A. Gagelonia of the Far Eastern University who pointed out that “The Cry of Pugad Lawin cannot be accepted as historically...
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