Critical Essay - Gender Strategies

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Critical Theory Response
In the following paper I am going to be discussing the different gender strategies. They consist of three forms of critics, gender critics, feminist critics, and gay and lesbian critics. Each of these critics focuses on different issues within literature. For example our book states: gender critics explore how ideas about men and women – what is masculine and feminine – can be regarded as socially constructed by particular cultures. According to some critics, sex is determined by simple biological and anatomical categories of male and female, and gender is determined by a cultures values. With this idea regarding gender and how our society constitutes what masculine and feminine behavior are created by the conditioning that we learn as young children and even up through young adulthood. Dipping further into what we think of as masculine and feminine there are some shades of grey with being heterosexual or homosexual. With ideas such as these it becomes complex and sometimes problematic relationship among these approaches because some critics argue that heterosexuals and homosexuals are profoundly different biologically, gay and lesbian criticism, like feminist critic, can be usefully regarded as a subset of gender criticism. For example in feminist critics have considered text by men and women for a better understanding of how women are represented as well as the writers and the cultures that they were surrounded by. We look at written words on paper and try to wrap a meaning around it, right? Well feminist critics read and try to find how gender affects the way that both sexes write about each other and whether the use of language differs as well.

On the other hand you have gay and lesbian critics which focuses on how homosexuals “are represented in literature, or how they read literature, and whether sexuality and gender are culturally constructed or innate.” There are many authors who seem to bring up controversial topics for gay...
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