Critical Essay Based on the Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Midnight in Paris

“Midnight in Paris” is a film written and directed by Woody Allen describing the enthusiasm, seduction, commitment and sense of belonging towards a contemporary city. Gil Pander, the protagonist visits Paris with his fiancée Inez on a business trip. Gil becomes obsessed with the beauty of Paris and believes that he can artistically perform better in his current world. The scene of the film captures various modern places like restaurants, cafes, historical buildings and parks that are presented to the audience. In the film, Allen features Paris as the most beautiful and significant city full of influence and power. He portrays the dilemma of love revealed by Gil Pander and his lover. The film embraces predicaments of ultimate life as expressed by the characters argument about the past and present life situations.

Woody Allen’s classic film compares to the story conveyed in the narrative “The Great Gatsby,” which features the relationship existing between illusion and truth in the past and the present. In “Midnight in Paris,” Gil contemplates how wonderful life was in Paris in the 1920s. He believes that his presence in Paris during those ages could make his life better and admirable as compared to his current situation. His desire for existence during those times was aroused by his admiration for the famous artists because of their great works. As a result, he falls in love with the city of Paris and is determined to initiate his life there. In “The Great Gatsby,” the protagonist Nick Carraway explains his circumstances when he arrives in a new American society and his desire to achieve the “American dream.” The same is revealed in Gil’s world, who believes that if he had been living in the 1920s, he would have shaped his art career and become famous.

Woody Allen reveals fantasy portrayed by various adults in Paris. For instance, Gil is obsessed by Paris of the 1920s, which for him...
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