Critical Discuss Leadership Style of a Hospital

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Group:Cohort C

Module Title: Managing People, Information & Knowledge. 2012/13 Full Year

Assessment Type:Case study analysis

Assignment Title: Critical discuss leadership style according to the case study given.

Student Name: Kuan Shu Yee

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Date of Submission:16/11/2012

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A person who as the ability to influence others and has certain managerial authority can be clearly clarified as a leader. Leadership is a combination of mindset, behaviors and skills which drive an organisation to its goals and mission. Thus, it is always the key of success or failure of an organisation. This is due to the changes and convolution of current business environment, idealistic expectation has implied to leaders as the leadership getting more important (Yukl, 2006). However, leadership can only be created when working together with others as it does not depends too much on individual that have clear vision. In the case study, it refers to a hospital, a healthcare organisation which is unlike other organisation. Hospital is much more compound due to the activities daily which involves large group of different professionals who are working between the life and death of the patient. It is a very tough and complex situation which the leadership that applied will be exactly different from the other organisation. Healthcare organisation is a “system” with the combination of processes, people, team building and other resources. Thus, having a good leadership will lead to a good hospital management.

From above, we know that most of the hospital’s leadership styles used are slightly different from leadership that implement in other organisation by way the leadership used in hospital focus a lot on the attitude and the behavioral of a group of profession. Leadership also helps to recognises the need for an understanding of the relationship between specific managers and their team. However, it seems that there are problems among the managers, leader and followers (which is the staff of the hospital) in the case study which is the Aidensfield Hospital. The situation turns out badly as the hospital operates in a very competitive environment and they struggles through tendering process for the hospital’s long term sustainability. Although they do not have problem in retaining the staff as stated in the case, turnover of the staff is remain stable. However, are the staffs satisfied and motivated? In this situation, distributed leadership (DL) will be critically use to analyse and discuss upon the issue occur in the case study.

Distributed Leadership (DL) is an attitude rather than a management technique. According to Spillane (2001), DL deliberated as a social phenomenon has its framework fundamental which provide understanding and establish the practice of leader regard achievement and decision making. Thus, instead of concentrating on the roles or position, it is more on the conjoint action, agreed by Brown and Hosking (1986) and Gronn (2002) – and Gibb (1947). By doing this, it is important that the performance of the task is enacted to one who is leading. In the case study, although they have very clear organisation structure, but there is inconsistency concerning people management arrangement including the superior grade. There is various approach of handling staff by different superior. Besides, superior grade does not know how to check on the daily performance and how well do their staff works. Organising meetings for feedbacks and communication breakdown has shown a poor leadership. If people who are leading could not be sure of what is their task and responsibility, how could they assign task to the followers and generate results. Managers and employees of Aidensfield Hospital also face the problem of role ambiguity as they are not clear on what responsible and role they should hold. Although is argued that DL...
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