Critical Discourse Analysis

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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In this text, I am going to analyze an editorial column which is called “Improcedente paralización en el SML”, written by Diario La Tercera. I am going to analyze it taking into account three dimensions of analysis. First, I am going to analyze textual practice, follow by the discourse practice, and finally the social and ideological practice. Textual practice:

According to this dimension, I could say that it is not a co-operatively constructed because it is not representing any conversation but it is constructed by three paragraphs which are connecting the text. Besides, I could mention that the author follows a rule of politeness because it is written in an academic and formal way. Although, the image of the author is not represented in any features in the text, the author's attitude itself is expressed in the text because the author expresses her/him opinion about the mobilization of Servicio Medico Legal, this is respresented by this phrase: “Lo ocurrido en este caso es inaceptable”. The meaning is being affected by syntactic structures and lexical choice. They help readers to understand the meaning and the purpose of the editorial note. The syntactic structures are “se generó un desacato a la autoridad y el incumplimiento de una orden emanada de un tribunal” resulta muy grave que escudándose en demandas laborales, los funcionarios del servicio descuiden la delicada labor que cumplen. Those phrases provide the reasons of the author to mention: “Lo ocurrido en este caso es inaceptable”. Also, the lexical choice is represented for these words: provocó, paralización, movilizaciones, generó, causó, tardanza, afecta, peritajes, among others. Moreover, it is important to include that there are some paradigms the first one is about strike: paralización, movilizaciones, paro de actividades. The second one is about social authorities: Servicio Médico Legal de Santiago, organismo público, Carabineros, tribunal,...
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