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Topics: Sociology, Gender, Criminology Pages: 6 (1886 words) Published: March 30, 2009
Devin L. Luxenburg
Sociology 357-01
Professor Nini
Term Paper Proposal
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Term Paper Proposal

In researching my term paper proposal I came up with many different ideas. However, my main focus would be that “Gender-neutral theories cannot adequately explain female delinquency”. Why is it that they left such vital information out? Is it true that males are only deviant? What theories have been made on the assumption that juvenile females play a crucial role in delinquency as well? What kind of change is this? I believe this topic would fall under to theories Differential association theory and Theory of social bond.

I would have to say that individual, developmental, and sociological perspectives would be prevalent in my research. I believe that it would correlate with the variables of characteristics and behaviors that fall under two categories. The categories being of different genders male vs. female. When it comes to the theoretical perspective on the matter, I would say that the effect of this rise would take place under a sociological theory. The reason why is because the world has changed drastically throughout the years. More influential female speakers and representatives are taking office. I believe this rise in woman’s roles has a big effect on females becoming deviant as well. Females now, have the urge to rise up against their counterpart. Socioeconomic status is making woman more aware and therefore more deviant.

General and classical strain theory I think would mix in with my other theories. The more theories tested the better the outcome. I believe the answer lies in the individual theory within females. The understanding of how females can become delinquents I feel involves developmental theory and I believe the realization and conceptualization relies on the socioeconomic perspective. I hope to find the reasons behind gender-neutral theory and hope to come to a conclusion that finds it to be something like a gender-specified theory. Introduction

Society must understand the issues which need to be addressed in today’s social policy and criminological-sociological theory. Women are changing the world we live in. Society today, needs to grasp that women are becoming equal to males in almost every aspect. Ego-driven males in today’s society need to come-to-terms with the change that has occurred over the years, in regarding women’s roles. The main issue that needs to be evaluated is the gender-neutral theories. We cannot assume that females don’t partake in deviant behavior; and the reasons why females commit crimes. These must be guidelines for the changing of today’s society to human welfare. Addressing these issues can help us have an enhanced understanding for human needs for education, health, and jobs. This must also mean coming up with new and improved theories for both the sociological and criminological perspectives. I realize that their can never be enough theories to consider, and that new ideas will always persist. I noticed the increase of female deviance through the past years. It’s kind of hard not to notice when you here it coming from friends, teachers, and especially the news. I found it very interesting and that is how I got involved on this particular topic. The actuality that people labeled males as being delinquents and females of being good character startled me. The fact that criminological theorists came up with the term gender-neutral was extremely bothersome, considering the term was considered for only one gender without thinking about the other female counterpart. The reason being is because they couldn’t or wouldn’t sufficiently explain female delinquency.

Statement of Position

I believe that gender-neutral theories do not sufficiently explain female delinquency. Females have different traits and characteristics which lead to delinquency. Socialization, cognitive,...
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