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Being a girls school St Ursula’s Chamakanga Girls High School experiences difficulties in the course of its development. Some are as discussed below: a) Discipline
The schools discipline is average. It has not realized the discipline, a learning institution should have. Most learners lack self-discipline and this is seen in how they manage their time and resources. For instance they always get to class late and if they do, they make a lot of noice.In addition they do waste school resources especially water and furniture. Taps are left running therefore time has to be created for them to go out of school to get water. Discipline towards teachers, prefects and school programs has not stabilized. Some students are rude to teachers and prefects and do the opposite of schools expectation. The prefect body is not doing much; they lack leadership skills therefore derailing the schools discipline back. The school disciplinary committee has handled cases of sneaking, lesbianism and fighting. The school has tried to combat this by setting high disciplinary measures against those who break the school rules, this has seen a significant improvement in discipline, though a lot is to be done. b) Drug abuse

The school has not had serious problem concerning drug abuse, though there was an incidence where learners were found with juice mixed with alcohol. This led to the banning of carrying juice to school.

c) Monetary frustration
Lack of enough funds has been a challenge to the school. First fee payment is very poor this is due to the Free Secondary Education(FSE) Programme.Most parents have not understood that the government caters for tuition only they ere therefore reluctant to complete or even pay a.single cent. The government has further contributed to this frustration by delaying to disburse money in time in that money that was to be released in January is released in July. This affected the school negatively because at some point the principal was unable to continue running the therefore had to sent students home to collect school fees. This is time wastage because the time students waste at their homes could have been used to revise or even cover the syllabus. High student population

The school is not well endorsed with resources therefore maintaining the 521 girls is straineous.First there is pressure on the available infrastructure. For example the form one class 2011 is three streamed yet their only two classes. As a result the girls in one stream(the one without a class) have been distributed in the two classes causing congestion in the classes. In addition the students in those classes are sharing the chairs and lockers.

This has affected learning hence poor results. Population pressure is also felt in the dormitories. They are congested with poor hygiene exposing students to diseases. The high population has also encouraged lesbianism in the school. Poor infrastructure

The school lacks enough classrooms, lockers, chairs causing too much sharing hence hindering curriculum implementation. For instance French and Computer are taught from under trees. It also lacks a dining hall, students take meals from outside and they can’t have entertainment. The dormitories are also not enough to cater for the large population. Unfortunately this is has been hard to solve the situation because the school compound is small therefore no room for expansion. Performance

The schools performance is average. For instance the last years (2011)Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(K.C.S.E) had a mean of 4.882 with 1B,2B+,8C,11C,19C+,18D,8D,7D+.The girls have the ability but they are very last lazy. The schools well performed subjects are English Kiswahili and Homescience While the poorly performed subjects are Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Humanities. The school has set a mean (6.500) which they are working hard to achieve by the end o f the year. RECOMMENDATIONS

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