Critical Appraisal of Strengths and Weaknesses of Boyatzis’s Intentional Change Theory

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  • Published : January 5, 2012
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Critical appraisal of strengths and weaknesses of Boyatzis’s intentional change theory

Increasing someone’s knowledge is different from getting them to make lasting changes in their on the job behaviors and it requires a different model of learning which is what Boyatzis’s theory offers [1]

Boyatzis’s model contends that we are more likely to achieve sustainable change when we actively seek to make five discoveries:

1.Our ideal self: the person and leader we truly want to be 2.Our real self: our current nature and how this compares to our ideal self 3.Our personal learning agenda: the things we need to change and do to close the gap 4.Opportunities for experimenting with and practicing new behaviors 5.Those who can help, support and challenge us as we work on changing our behavior

Boyatzis applies the motivational pull of a desirable future (dreaming) to personal change he also borrows the notion of identifying (discovering) and creatively using (designing) existing strengths to move you closer to who you want to be in the future and the focus on strengths is intrinsically motivating.

On the other hand the work done by Chris P. Neck and Charles C. Manz talks about Self-leadership theory and it can be described as the “process of influencing oneself” emphasizing two primary elements, self-talk and mental imagery. It is proposed that constructive thought management through the effective application of cognitive strategies can lead to enhanced individual performance [2]

In my opinion Boyatzis’s Theory provides a really good structure and system to self-development, showing in a systematic way the process to follow to enhance the human and social capital necessary to become the person we dream to be.

Another of the strengths of this theory is that it picks up on two fundamental foundations of behavioral learning: motivation and practice, from my own experience possessing the knowledge is not enough, an individual that is going down the...
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