Critical Appraisal of Amazon.Com Current E-Business Strategy and Activities.

Topics: Marketing, Electronic commerce, Management Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Organizational activities
Consider as simple examples the following E-Business applications that might be carried out in an organizational context.  Many of these are what we frequently refer to as intranet type functions:         recruiting of new employees

        marketing, advertising and public relations         customer support and education
        meetings and information resource sharing among employees         training of employees
        intelligence gathering for strategic and tactical planning         distributed inventory control functions
        payroll and benefits management
It is relatively easy to imagine how any of these areas, if appropriate to a particular business intent, might benefit from presentation in an electronic form.  They will all have an impact on the ability of a company to do E-Commerce, but none of them involves the direct buying and/or selling of materials. Business to Business Commerce

While the previous section has addressed the internal functioning of an organization making use of the information infrastructure, this section address basic materials control for the organization—the interface to the rest of the corporate world.  We exclude from this process only those activities that relate to final disposition of products to end users.  The functions we focus on here include         Purchasing

        Inventory Control
        Shipping
        Sales
        Marketing
        Customer Service
Business to Consumer Commerce
Business to consumer commerce has received a lot of attention recently.  Generally speaking, this is most often thought of as building a new channel to deliver products directly to consumers.  Amazon, Ebay, E-trade have all been talked about in this context.  Unlike the previous two categories, which may be built using local or proprietary networks, consumer oriented systems are most often designed to leverage the penetration of the internet and its killer protocol,...
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