Critical Appraisal

Topics: Psychometrics, Confounding, Time Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Critical Appraisal of ‘Intelligence and General Knowledge: validation of new measurement instruments.’

The aim of the present experiment was to investigate the validity of intelligence and general knowledge measurement instruments and therefore assess the extent to which these measures are an effective and accurate psychometric indication of one’s intelligence and general knowledge abilities. Arguably, the ability of researchers to accurately measure intellectual abilities is somewhat limited as, although a general perspective may be put forward, there is also two main contradicting approaches to adult intelligence. For example Gilbert (1935) suggested that intelligence declines during early adulthood; however Bayley (1955) later put forward that the IQs of individuals were stable and enduring throughout adulthood. Thus, the present experiment also aims to address the validity of new measurement instruments as previous work is now, perhaps, outdated. Various researches have been conducted in this area to investigate the validity of various measures of intelligence and have found number of issues that may be raised questioning the true accuracy. For example Lubinski (2004) put forward research by Terman (1954) relating to intelligence and participants’ home environment; and argued that additional factors are related to the performance on intelligence tests. Therefore, as confounding variables such as participants’ home environment may not be controlled and yet affects participant’s performance, one might argue that the particular test used may be an inaccurate measure of one’s intellectual abilities. Thus, the following essay aims to highlight the various strengths and weaknesses of the present experiment methodology and identify whether the design, scoring and validation of the items used is an accurate measure of the experimental hypothesis. With regards to the methodology used in the present experiment, key strengths may be identified relating to the level...
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