Critical and Creative Thinking Questions Week 1

Topics: Pain, Tobacco, Human Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Critical and creative thinking questions

What are the major sources of stress in your life?
I think the four major sources of stress in my life would be money being number one. This is because I am an international student who moved from Hong Kong to America. Having doing this I had to learn how to manage my own money for example rent, bills , and also enough for entertainment. When I was living in Hong Kong with my family I didn’t have to worry about all these factors so it came easy to me. Family would be another source of stress in my life but only because of me being away by myself in another country. This is probably because this is the first time I have been away from home and having to look after myself and the ‘money’ issue my parents especially tend to get too worried, which in some cases cause a lot of fights. Im not saying this is something bad but defiantly something that can trigger me at some points. My social skills is a definite source of stress in my life, This being because I am not very good at interacting, socializing and communicating with other human beings. Some of my interactions and relationships can be very stressful and tension filled, and i almost come off as being a very unsociable person. If you where experiencing a period of high stress, what would you do to avoid illness? If I where to experience a period of high stress I would probably exercise a lot which usually helps me with depression and tension and also relaxes me. But also exercising improves cardiovascular efficiency and increases strength that could help avoid illness due to stress. I believe that when your exercising and you sweat a lot, it almost feels like your getting rid of all the problems in your life. Why are smoking-prevention efforts often aimed at adolescents? Smoking prevention efforts are usually aimed at adolescents because thats when a lot of smokers start smoking a form of tobacco, such as cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. A lot of youngsters...
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