Critical Analysis Worksheet

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Critical Analysis Worksheet
Answer the following questions thoroughly. All analysis information must be typed for credit. 1. What is the title of the film reviewed? The Patriot
2. What historical period or event is the movie based on? In the American Revolutionary War 3. What underlying theme (s) or message did the filmmakers intend to convey in this movie? What the people of the colonies were going through during the war. 4. How did the filmmakers attempt to portray this theme or message? By giving us a sentimental story that might as well could have happened. Using vivid scenes of war and destruction. 5. Write a synopsis of the movie, including any personal observations or reactions. (1/2 to 1 page) Mel Gibson is a veteran of the French and Indian war, and in the courthouse is one of the only ones to oppose going to war with Britain. Mainly because he has a family of 7 and has seen the effects of war. His son joins the army after having a talk about being ashamed of his father’s actions. He comes home wounded, and the next day troops come to his home and he helps medic them. Colonel William (Malfoy) comes to his house and accuses his son of being a spy, and shoots his younger son, then kills the wounded troops. You can really tell how futile the Colonel was. He was a very brutal man who would kill on instinct, and not get punished for it unlike today. Mel takes his two sons and ambushes a group of red coats. He finally gets his revenge on Colonel William in the last battle of the movie. He has a vengeful battle with him until he finally kills him. Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown and Mel rebuilds his home and farm. 6. Comment on the historical accuracy of the film. (requires research) In your opinion, how accurate were the filmmakers in portraying the actual events or persons represented in the movie? (For support, give at least 2 specific examples of historical accuracies AND inaccuracies in the film). Although the story of the...
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