Critical Analysis the Use of the Internet for Academic

Topics: Critical thinking, Research, Student Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Firstly, Internet provides up-to-date information. Students can garner new ideas by looking at the latest news. There will always be latest news on line. The world is changing in a rapid pace, the Internet is supposed to be the best way to keep up with every occurrence around the world. Secondly, Internet is an ideal place for sharing information. Thanks to the rapid development of social network, people can update their new thoughts or latest research findings online, and share with friends, colleagues or classmates. Thirdly, students do not need to go through the shelves in order to find a book. This can be done by only clicking the mouse. Accomplishing a master degree requires a large number of reading tasks. With the powerful filter research engine, students can acquire more resources with less time. Fourthly, the amount of information provided by the internet is incredible. Every day, numerous pieces of news and researching findings are generated. Whatever the question will be, there is always a possibility of finding a relevant answer- if not the most accurate one. Lastly, using Internet for searching information is also an eco-friendly way. For example, if there’s a popular book or article that on loan, other people who want it have to wait or make copies. If the content was available electronically, people can download it and read it on computer, it saves the printing cost as well as the paper. Disadvantages

Incredibility is perhaps the most mentioned risk when using the Internet as a research method. Sahin et al (2010) enumerate the reasons as lack of control on the articles published online, absence of administration on editors or referees in the journal/books issued by commercial organizations. Tillman (1996) supported this point by saying some companies put biased view on their annual reports. Therefore, when writing for academic assignment, students should be very careful on the origin of resources. Moreover, they should be critical...
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