Critical Analysis Report Form for Opposing Opinion Articles

Topics: Video game controversy, Critical thinking, Violence Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Student Name: Course: HTH 3553 Title: Do video games lead to violence Issue:16

1. Author and major thesis of the Yes side. Douglas A. Gentile and Craig A. Anderson, Thesis: Violent video games cause several physiological changes in children that lead to aggressive and violent behavior. Pg. 298

2. Author and major thesis of the No side.
Cheryl K. Olson
The major thesis on the NO side is that Cheryl K. Olson, who is a professor of psychiatry, is saying that there isn’t enough research that has been done to have substantial evidence on the fact that video game violence leads to real life violence. Pg. 298

3. Briefly state in your own words two facts presented by the Yes side. Two facts presented in the yes side was that as the years have gone by, home video game usage has increase while arcade game usage has decreased. Another fact presented is that many children prefer to play violent video games over other games. 4. Briefly state in your own words two facts presented by the No side. From the 1980’s until 1994, the rate of juvenile arrests was at its peak. At the time, this was a “worrisome trend, but it proved to be an anomaly. Juvenile arrest declined in each of the next 7 years.” Also, “mystery shopper” studies showed that young teenagers were able to buy M-rated games 85% of the time.

5. Briefly state in your own words two opinions presented by the Yes side. Two opinions presented is playing violent video games may increase aggressive behavior. Another opinion is that video games are designed just to be entertaining. 6. Briefly state in your own words two opinions presented by the No side Olson says that ideas are being taken out of context and repeated in the media making creating a “false sense of certainty” meaning that the public is thinking that the situation is seeming to be way worse than it actually is. She also thinks that the...
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