Critical Analysis Paper for a Room of Ones Own

Topics: Virginia Woolf, Woman, Leonard Woolf Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Critical Essay, A Room of Ones Own
English 374: Austen, Bronte, and Woolf
Kendra Plowden

For centuries women have been forced into a role which denied them equal education opportunities. Virginia Woolfe expresses her frustration on why women were denied privacy in her novel , A Room of Ones Own. Where she compare the traditional lifestyle tailored made for the opposite sex and the sacrafices that came with it. Wendy Gen feels," Though women through the centuries have not always enjoyed rooms of their own, they have had recourse to mental privacy, retreating to the internal spaces of their minds for refuge or silent critique". She refers to Frances Burney's Evelina and Jane Austen's novels that privacy for women is often located in the internal spaces of silences snatched in the midst of more sociable moments or in the space that reading provides. There is no argument that women were allowed independent space, but it was taken from them and nothing could be done about it. Due to the change and revolution of the culture there wasn't just a need, but grew into a necessary demand. With this article Wendy Gen will first examine changes in spatial awareness and show that in the early twenith century there was an emerging consciousness of the role domestic space played in shaping lives and behaviour and an attempt refashion it for modernity. See how space is used to express domience. Then draw attention to the one space dedicated to privacy within the home that women began to challenge and appropriate the study explores Woolf's careful elision of the study in favor of the room in A Room of One's Own. Women were denied educational equality because it wasn't necessary for a formal education when your primary duties are to tend to the family. As children it wasn't imperative to learn how to read, but sow, and paint. Stephen Kern feels that between 1880- 1919 was when the calumiatory shift for women having their own space was being redefined. As the times changed...
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