Critical Analysis Paper

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Critical Analysis Paper

My two-chosen articles, “The Life of Marie Curie” and “Marie Curie: In the Laboratory and on the Battlefield” both hit on Marie’s life, work, and the big scandal. The most recent of these articles by Lawrence Badash published in July of 2003 focused more on the scientific aspect on x-rays, radioactivity, and finally Marie’s discoveries. Lawrence wanted to emphasize what influenced Marie in her discoveries and her accomplishments in the lab as well as what she did during the Great War. The article by John Kehoe published four years earlier in July of 1999 focused on Marie’s entire life. It was about her early life, love life, and the scandal. John probably wanted to emphasize her life more seeing how there were plenty of books and papers of her work already published. Although both the articles emphasize different points, both authors made sure to bring up her life, works, and scandal.

In the earliest article, “The Life of Marie Curie” John starts off introducing Marie Curie with a short summarizing paragraph. Then continues with her life from when she was born. First page about Marie Curie (page 90) is about her early life from birth to about twenty years of age. This gave a great insight of what it was like for her growing up, things about her family, and how her life takes off. Marie Curie was a very intelligent and devoted individual, which only would help her later in her experiments. The article goes on into her college years and how she meets the love of her life Pierre Curie. Her and Pierre get married within a year and work together in their scientific studies. Right about this time in the article “The Life of Marie Curie” John introduces Becquerel, who is a chemist that work intrigued Marie (page 92). John still keeps her social life intertwined while discussing the scientific aspect of her life. “Work progressed slowly over the next few years, interrupted by summer vacations spent bicycling and the birth of daughter...
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