Critical Analysis of the Design of Pest Control Company's Operations Function

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Ehrlich is a Pest Control company since 1928 which provides pest control services to homeowners and business. With offering low prices and excellent services as compared to large competitors (eg Ecolab), Ehrlich has turnover and consistently get profitability every year.

The Core Function Activities of Ehrlich :-
|Core Function Activities | | |Marketing & Sales |Promote services to customers | |Service Department |Design new services to meet customers’ needs | |Operations |Provide technical services to customers for good quality |

Operations as described in a form of “Input – Transformation – Output” processes in Ehrlich:- |Input (Resources) |Transformation Process |Output | |- Services Technicians |-Pest Control Services |-Pest Control for residential and | |- Pest Control devices and |-Consultancy Services |commercial customers | |materials |-Product Sales Services | |

Ehrlich is offering 3 different products only, such as “Pest Control for Residential Customers” , “Pest Control for Commercial Customers” and “Product Sales for Commercial Customers”. Pest Control for Residential Customers

This is quick response and free consultation over a hot line or a quick on-site inspection, do pest control within an hour service. This service is only fit for residential customers and technical skills to service technicians for this service are relatively low as compared to “pest control for commercial customers”. In general, the contacts between technicians and customers were not much as one kind of pest killing spray can kill several common kinds of pests/insects in household. The technician normally gets brief information from hot line, inspects areas and do spray onto areas once they arrive.

Pest Control for Commercial Customers
The Technician stays in customers’ sites. This service is common to customers as technician is needed to inspect and review the site before providing pest suggestion to the customers. Contact and communication between the technician and customers are relatively high. In general, highly skilled trained technicians will be assigned as requirements for technical skills of technicians are very high and different customers may expect different technical difficulties. However, District Managers may feel headaches sometimes when shortage of high-skilled technicians making difficult in arrangements.

Product Sales for Commercial Customers
Product Sales are mainly for those customers with in-house pest control staffs. Ehrlich sells pest control materials for “do-it-yourself” through local district offices. When faced with pest problem, people will resolve it on their own and this service provides advice and materials for the job. Therefore, contact/communication will be the least among other two product services. Commercial organizations with trained applicators/pest control operators can purchase bulk materials through Ehrlich Distribution. Ehrlich, with fast delivery times promising shipments leave warehouses within 24 hours of order receipt. This makes a vast array of in-stock materials.

Analysis of service products by examining Volume, Variety, Variation in Demand and Visibility/Degree of Customer Contact are as following table. 1 mark -the lowest ; 5 marks- the highest.

|Service Products |Volume |Variety |Variation |Visibility/Degree...
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