Critical Analysis of Television Product Ads

Topics: Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, Marriage Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: May 4, 2012
I started to watch the Simpsons at nine pm on Sunday night. The date of said watched show was May 29, 2011. The seventeen commercials that were shown were mixed and did not have a preference. The first commercial that was shown was a Living Spaces Memorial day savings on mattress. The next one was Time Warner Cable that was selling high speed internet. A car commercial about a Ram truck 1500 came soon after. Chase came out with a commercial talking about their new thank you card. The cell phone unleashed commercial came out with it being sold at Verizon and Wal-Mart. Metro pcs comes out with its family plan. Another car commercial, this time about the Mazda. Jcpenny comes out with its own commercial for a mattress sell on Memorial Day. A commercial for Jeep is shown. Metro pcs shows its android and a special with it. Del Taco show a burrito with bean and green stuffing while revealing a special with it. Time Warner Cable comes out again this time reveling how great their dvr is. Sit’n Sleep shows its Memorial sale mattress special. A Fujifilm camera commercial is show, showing the cameras features. Another Memorial Day event special on a 2012 cc sports VW. Dell Taco once again is shown but this it is talking about its tacos and how big and cheap they are. Carls Jr is the last commercial shown that depicts how the way they made them and sell their burgers are. After watching all these commercials I could see that there was some gender specific commercial but over all these commercials were mixed to all gender types. However we can see that these commercials are for the ages of 18 to 30 since all those shown in the commercial were young individuals and most of the commercials were either a working man seen or electronics that usually only the younger generation is savvy towards too. Also many of the commercials like the chase and time warner are shown to have a couple that is married and married couples that are married are usually around their thirties. The...
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