Critical Analysis of Recruitment and Selection (R&S) Activities

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents1
Aims and Objectives of Study3
Critical Analysis of Recruitment and Selection (R&S) Activities3 Identification of Drawbacks of R&S Activities in Specific Scenarios3 To Explore the HR Practices in Various Companies in UK4
Providing Recommendation to Reduce the Impact of Disadvantages4 Limitations of the Study4
Literature Review5
Strategic Determinants of Recruitment5
Sources of Recruitment6
External Recruitment6
Internal Recruitment7
Steps in Scientific Selection Process8
Research Methodology and Data Collection10


In today’s competitive and dynamic world, everything gets changed with a swift pace. Organizations need to be more proactive and competent as this is a world of globalization and world has become a global village. In this global village, organizations who do not possess a competent workforce, usually are not able to make a remarkable progress in the industry (Dessler, 2010). For the purpose of having a competent workforce, an organization need to opt best HR strategies with the help of great HR professionals. Companies having fully functional HR departments are known for their success. Some examples are Dell, HP,, and Apple. These organizations, and many others, know and understand the true importance of competent workforce and thus allows their HR departments for making their own strategic decisions. The HR departments in organizations make a significant impact over the performance of organization. This is due to multiple tasks an HR department does in an organization. These tasks include recruitment and selection, orientating new employees, training new employees, HR planning, making HR budgets, performance management and compensating employees. All of these functions have their importance at their own place. And, by default, all of these activities are interlinked with each other. If one activity is not performed well then it affects the whole chain of works in HR department and thus affects the whole organization. The functions of HR department start from recruiting and selecting best employees. Recruitment means creating a pool of potential candidates for a particular job and then to select from them using various selection tools and techniques. Such techniques include interviewing candidates, written tests, medical tests, group discussions and reference checking. All of these or some of these activities are used by the organizations that have fully functional HR departments (Dessler, 2010). As discussed above that, activities of HR department are interlinked with each other. If one function is not done properly then it affects the others. As recruitment and selection is the first and most important pillar of an organizations HR department so not performing this activity in a well mannered way results in disastrous happenings. So it can be said easily that recruitment and selection is the first and most important pillar of HR and disturbing this pillar will disturb the actions and strategies of whole building of HR department. So question arises that how recruitment and selection activities can become less effective? When the above discussed methods of recruitment and selections are not planned, executed and evaluated well, the problems arise. Such problems include low employee morale, high turnover rate, inability of organization to meet its goals, high absenteeism, and many others. So it is important for any organization to make its recruitment and selection more effective and efficient so that it can have a competent workforce that would ultimately lead the organization to higher standards of success and achieving the objectives of organization (Dominic Cooper, 2009).

Aims and Objectives of Study

This research has its focus on the techniques used for recruitment and selection of Compugra Systems Inc. There are several...
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