Critical Analysis of Quality Management System in Higher Educational Library

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Critical Analysis of Quality management system in higher educational library


1. Summary

2. A result of presentation session

3. Modifications and developments of QMS

4. Advantages of QMS

5. Disadvantages of QMS

6. Conclusion

7. Reference

1. Summary

During the presentation, our group developed a quality management system for a higher educational library. It covered a quality management system model, quality management principles, quality management documentations, and advantages and disadvantages of this quality management system.

2. A result of presentation session

A quality management system(QMS) can be defined as: 'A set of co-ordinated activities to direct and control an organisation in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance.' (businessballs, 2000) It can be seen as consisting of all components of an organisation which are dealing with the quality of services and products. A effective quality management system not only makes an organisation more efficient or customers focused, but also it will improve all processes from production to services in the organisation.

The aim of developing this quality management system is to improve the service quality of a higher education establishment. The university library has been chosen to be implemented by this new quality management system. The university library, which combine with conventional production and online system, is an important part of higher education processes. As one of university community services, it finds out a unique way to measure and assess the procedures in order to ensure the quality of services offered to users and satisfy them.

This QMS is based on existing quality management systems such as ISO9001:2008. And it starts with collecting customers' needs and organisation's needs in order to bring useful activities, follows a specific plan and customer focused strategy to fully make a use of involved people, resources and partnerships, and works out the processes which brings customers outputs such as products and services. Also, customers will give feedback which can be performed to analyse, measure and improve the whole system. For completing those procedures, the system also involves corrective action teams, sub processes system, measurement tools and gold targets strategies to make sure the entire system will be completely operated and under control.


3. Modifications and developments of QMS

During the implementing phase, the biggest weakness of this QMS could be lack of communication between involved people in the organisation. According to this situation, the process communication will be involved in this QMS model. Also, about the documentation, this session will be more specific of how system will work under this QMS.

• Requirement Management

1) Customer needs

Library should be aware of the customer demands and ensure the requirements are achieved to match the communications.

For the university, the students and teachers' requirements should be collected during all the phases of operating the library. This is based on communicating with customer in relation to requirements of environment, products and services. Therefore, a regular investigation or survey would be essential for library to understand the current and future requirements from students and teachers.

2) Organisation needs

Library should care customer needs whether they are under organisation's control or not, and combine with the organisation needs to increase the usability.

It requires a balance between customer needs and organisation needs as how the library can present an effective arrangement of usability ans feasibility, so that it would meet all the requirements that customers want, but not over design for customers down to get lost. Also, a regular...
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