Critical Analysis of Paul's Case

Topics: Fiction, Plot, Climax Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Critical Analysis

Paul’s Case was not, by any means, my favorite short movie. However, most of the necessary literary elements were present. The plot begins with the exposition, which is Paul’s failure to pay attention and rebellious acts. Instead of being interested in his education, Paul is fascinated by art and theater as shown through his job at the theater. The rising action begins, as Paul’s father is angry because he wants Paul to be successful through education. Paul looses his job at the theater because of his father. He then get’s expelled from school. Paul steals $2,000 and leaves on the train to live extravagantly for a short amount of time. After his adventure Paul returns on the train and starts walking in the woods. From there the climax of this story takes place as Paul falls to the ground in the woods in defeat. The falling action follows as Paul begins to start walking towards the train tracks as the sound of the train is approaching. Finally, the resolution is Paul taking his own life by allowing him to be hit by the train. The plot line is fully developed and contains all the necessary stages. The conflict the protagonist faces is his internal struggle to discover himself against the odds against him. Both Paul’s dad and the school want Paul to achieve academic success, or to at least pay attention. Nevertheless Paul only is fascinated by the arts and theater. He struggles in his journey to self-discovery because of the numerous factors that are opposing who he wants most to be. Once he steals the money and takes his extravagant adventure, he knows upon his return that not only will he be in trouble but have to go back to his old life style. Unfortunately, he finds his only option to take his own life. As a teenager, I can connect to struggling to discover who you are. I appreciate this specific conflict because it is realistic, relatable, and evident in the story. Symbolism was used once very strongly in Paul’s Case. To Paul, a flower...
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