Critical Analysis of of Beetles & Angels

Topics: Culture, Refugee, Ethiopia Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: April 6, 2012
If you had to leave America, move to another country you know very little about, and do not know the language, the culture, or anything about the land, how would you feel? Would you have expectations for the natives? In the book Of Beetles & Angels a family from Ethiopia, moved to America and attempted to immerse themselves in the American ways. They are slain with hurtful words and treated badly but are truly lovely to Americas’ people. By critically reading, you will notice many things you might not have if you were just reading it to get the grade. Some things someone may notice are how people from different cultures interact with others, how the central culture treats different cultures, and the stereotypes used to describe Mawi’s life in his book. In the book the many different cultural people treat each other differently. Mawi’s brother, Tewolde, helped many people who were not a part of his culture. “We approached the library’s entrance and saw a dark-haired white brother shivering under the awning… we went to him and asked him if he was hungry, and he said, “I lost my job and never got another one, and I do not think I’ll ever get one again. I’m done”” (Asgedom 64). Tewolde helped him out: first by giving him sandwiches and later found him housing and a job, encouraged him to prosper, and even gave him money when he could. Another example of how cultures treat each other is how the immigration officers treated the refugee immigrants. They first had them pass an immigrant test, which most failed for unknown reasons. Later, Mawi’s family wanted to bring Mawi’s half-sister, which the immigration officers refused to do. The Asgedom family had to wait a whole other year just for the immigration officers to let them leave with her. “Right before we were to leave our village forever, my half-sister Mulu came from another region of Sudan, surprising us… my father and mother refused to leave without her… “Look,” they told us, “world relief agreed to work with...
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