Critical Analysis of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

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  • Published : November 8, 2007
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In Philip K. Dick's, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, animals have nearly become extinct after World War Terminus and the resulting nuclear fallout. This has suddenly caused animals to become a symbol of wealth and prestige rather than simply a slab of meat bought at the grocery store. But all-the-while, throughout the novel, Dick makes it apparent that the role of animals is actually to satisfy the owner's desire to simply own a real animal, opposed to a replicant animal, which is seen through the interactions of Deckard and his sheep, then again with his goat, and also with Isidore with the cat. In an effort to distinguish themselves from all other beings on a world that has been ravaged by war which has caused most people to emigrate to other planets, humans display their control or dominance over animals by preserving their existence on earth. It can be seen that humans actually do value and care for animals but not for an individual animal. Rather they possess them for the glorification of their status in society.

First, let's distinguish the relationships that are present in this book. Throughout the novel, animals are held in high demand and are quite valuable due to their scarcity, but when you think about this in relation to the relationship between humans have with androids on earth, there something is different. Although there are only a few androids on earth, the humans hunt them down while they preserve the disappearing animals. This concept has to do with the idea that humans want to be seen as unique from every other being in the world. Humans are becoming threatened by the androids as they become more like humans while the humans become more like machines. One example of this is how humans use a mood organ to set their mood for instance seen in the opening chapter. As for trying to preserve the animals, since they are not seen as a threat to humans and are seen as something natural, possibly even more natural than humans, they...
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