Critical Analysis of Company Code of Ethicss

Topics: Ethics, Normative ethics, Immanuel Kant Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: December 17, 2012
WorldCom: Can you hear the Lawsuits Now

1.Why do suppose Bernie Ebbers was treated more like the leader of a cult than a CEO? Explain. Bernie Ebbers was considered a cult leader for various reasons the total number of people affected by his behavior and direction of individual who just simply did as he requested which is what cult leaders do. He was known as a leader with charismatic is why a lot of his unethical actions were not challenged. Bernie Ebbers was ordered to pay back $6.13 billion to 830,000 idiviauals and institutions they were the stockholders and many cases persuasion was a tool he used stakeholders as well as his employees. The lens is analytical the teleological framework is utilitarianism , the deontological framework is Existentialism is based on the belief that only the person that can determine right or wrong is the person making the decisions, as a result each person is responsible for the consequences of their actions which is what happened to Bernie Embers.

2.Evaluate the recommendations in the Breeden report. Will these accomplish the objectives they are supposed to achieve? According to the twelve steps the company does have what they need as long as they fellow the steps. The lens is Normative, the teleological framework is ethical Egotism, and the deontological framework is Kant’s ethics

3.Do you view Cynthia Cooper as an ethics exemplar in this case? Explain She is the exemplar in this case, because of every step she took and instructed her staff to take, as well flowing through with her findings allowed them to uncover the fraud of the two sets of books. Her actions are responsible for the convictions of Bernie Ebbers and the others. The lens is normative, the teleological frame work Ethical Egoism which is based on the ideal that every individual should act in way to promote him or herself if the net result will generate on balance positive instead of negative results which is what Cynthia Cooper did when she...
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