Critical Analysis of Business Process Change

Topics: Process management, Management, Business process reengineering Pages: 4 (1604 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Critical Analysis of Business Process Change
Jo Anna Wilson
Kaplan University

GB 560-01N
Designing, Improving and Implementing Processes
Dr. Jimmie Flores
April 2013

Critical Analysis of Business Process Change
By understanding the Business Process Change my possibilities for the future are more promising. When working in any business field, you need to fully understand how business plans operate. When changes need to be made it is necessary to understand how to do this. By having a strong grasp on this information I will be better informed to make stronger decisions. This relates to my future because no matter the business field, you need to understand how to make a change to a business process. When thinking about my future plans to employment, I have realized that for my success, I need to know how to competently make a change without relying on someone else to make the change for me. These business process changes are also useful for changing personal plans as well. It is important to know where your personal plans are heading. When you have a vision of what you want, you will lead yourself in that direction, and work harder than you expected to achieve your mission and vision. When looking at what a business plan holds, you see that we have worked with key performance indicators, these are important in future employment efforts as well. If you know what your personal performance indicators are, you can make the changes in your plans as necessary. If you do not make changes to your personal plans, you cannot adapt to the changes in the industry you are aspiring to work in, when the industry changes. The theories of the business process can be a great way to improve your plans and efforts as well. If you look at your life in the same aspect as an organization, you can apply the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and Measure Process Performance in ways to adjust your professionalism. This requires some creativity to link the two...
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