Critical Analysis of 'Night' by: Elie Wiesel

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Der Führer: Adolf Hitler
On April 20, 1989, one of the world’s most profound leaders, public speakers and war generals was born in Braunau, Austria (Scholtz 417). Hitler rose to become the highest-ranking official of the Nazi Party that was erected in 1920 (Carney 305). His fellow party members knew him a very well spoken man as well as having innate leadership skills (Scholtz 420). At the end of the 1920’s the German people suffered from unemployment, poverty, starvation, and most of all, hope (Robinson 856). Along with the economical and social collapse of the 1920’s, Germany’s politicians were caught up in petty squabbles and the whole republic was falling apart. Hitler used this opportunity to take power. He would not try and cease power at first; he would use his gift of persuasion (Carney 308). He made promises to restore the republic by stabilizing the economy and giving people back their jobs. This was all he needed for people to vote him in as President of Germany. As president, he did just as he promised, he brought the republic up out of the ashes of the 1920’s and 30’s and rebuilt (Scholtz 423). Little did the people know, Hitler had other plans up his sleeves. Shortly following the elections in 1933, Hitler ordered his secret police to commence their systematic takeover of the Government (Carney 311). He would stop it nothing until the entire country was his. Once Hitler ceased complete control, he would begin to set in motion, one of the worst tragedies to ever befall the earth. It started with simple boycott of Jewish stores and shops (Scholtz 424). He wanted to make it known that Jews were not welcome in his new régime, and they would pay the price if they stayed. Hitler soon passed the Nuremburg laws, which forbade Jews from owning things pets, cars, nice furniture, expensive clothing, etc (Robinson 867). In 1935, Hitler revealed his plans to begin war against the free world (Scholtz 426). This started a chain of horrifying and deadly events known as World War II. The Jews were soon put into ghettos and then taken to concentration camps where they were to either be executed or worked to death (Robinson 875). Over the course of twelve years, Hitler and his army would destroy over 11 million Jewish lives and leave thousands of others without families. Unfortunately, the war kept the outside world uninformed about the genocide that was taking place. It was only after, did the world learn of the evil that took place over those twelve years. They used mostly gas chambers as a way of mass execution (Carney 300). They would march, mostly women, children, and the elderly into these large rooms where they were promised a much-needed hot shower. What they got instead was a deadly combination of hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide called “Zyklon B” (Carney 302). After all the Jews in the chamber were deceased, the guards would either throw them into large, mass graves or burn the bodies in huge furnaces (Robinson 893). Hitler would never get to stand trial for his heinous and vile acts against the Jews because on April 30, 1945, Hitler poisoned his family; with the same poison he used against the Jews, and then took a gun to his own head and ended his life (Scholtz 426). He would not live to see his régime fall to Allies, along with the Nazi party itself. The twenty-six year span of time from the crash of the stock market in 1929, to the end of World War II in 1945, the Jews living in and around Germany would loose everything at the hands of Germany’s one and only Führer, Adolf Hitler.

The Holocaust Through the Eyes of the Media
During the era of World War II, the only way the American people got information about what was going on was through the media. Because the German Army did such a good job of keeping these concentration camps hidden in remote areas, the Allies had a hard time not only getting to them, but finding out exactly what was going on there. Over the span of time from 1933 to 1945 there are...
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