Critical Analysis Maslows Needs

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Fundamental human needs Pages: 5 (1687 words) Published: April 30, 2013

Felicia Benson
MAN 226
Principals of Management
Critical Analysis

I decided to read and analyze the article Meeting employee requirements by Golnaz Sadri and Clarke Bowen. The article discusses how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs motivates people and how they can be used to motivate employees. I picked this article because managers should understand what make people motivated and drives them in life. Often managers simply think that money is the only motivation in a job and employees should be happy if the pay rate is good enough. This topic interests me because I am not only any employee but a manager as well. In hopes of someday opening my own business I would like to know what would motivate my future employees to be happy and productive at work. Not only is this relevant to me personally but it also is to what we have studied in this course.

In our textbook we learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and motivating employees in chapter 16. In the chapter the text relates why employees feel motivated and why they feel unmotivated. The chapter also explained what managers can do to motivate employees and how some of the motivational tools can be tied into Maslow’s theory about needs. The authors explain “to motivate someone you need to understand what need level that person is on the hierarchy and focus on satisfying needs at or above that level” (432).

In the article Meeting employee requirements the authors Golnaz Sadri and Clarke Bowen begin their article by explaining what motivation, intensity and persistence are and how much of an impact wages have on employees attitude about their job. The article states information obtained from recent surveys and research from Employee Benefit Research Group (EBRI). They point out an interesting fact at one point stating “a recent survey showed that salary has only a 20 percent impact on job satisfaction”.

Fundamental behavior is pointed out next and what the five human needs are in Maslow’s theory are. Sadri and Clarke first discuss physiological needs. This is the first need in the five needs and is basically broken down as “the need for food, air, water and shelter”. Money can buy these things so money would then fit into the psychological need area. The authors then explain what managers and companies can do to satisfy this basic need for employees and give examples from companies that are good at it.

The next need they discuss is the safety need. The safety need is not only the need for physical and psychological security but also health security. Sadri and Clarke point out those employees look for health insurance for themselves and their family members which add to the safety of employees and their family. Along with family security comes the next need which is the need for love and belonging.

According to the authors the love need is “the need for affection and belonging”. This need would be fulfilled be an employee forming friendships with coworkers/bosses and staying with the company for a long period of time. The article points out how managers can help to fulfill this need by forming cohesive teams for some projects, programmed and clubs for employees to join.

Next on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that Sadri and Bowen write about in the article is the esteem need. Esteem need is “the need for responsibility, reputation, prestige, recognition and respect” (Sadri and Bowen 47). The article explains how esteem need is greatly important because it makes employees feel important. Managers and organizations can build esteem with recognition for well done jobs, opportunity for advancement and special prizes or treatment.

The last of Maslow’s need is the next topic in the article. This is the need for self-actualization. Self-actualization is described as the need to be the best you can possibly be. Companies and managers have quite a few ways according to the authors. Tuition reimbursement, sabbatical or offering employees the...
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