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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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The personal memoir Unpolished Gem written by Alice Pung, is about her and her family exploring the new wonders that Australia has to offer. The excitement the author feels while being in Australia is shown throughout this memoir by using language features and text structure. Paragraph 1

A variety of language features such as metaphors and juxtaposition are used to evoke emotion. The use of metaphors in this account evokes the feeling that the family is extremely brave and courageous. This is shown in the metaphor “my parents became pioneers navigating a new country” by the use of word association. The word pioneer is associated with bravery and courage. The author has used juxtaposition, which allows the reader makes connections and comparison with two things to create humour. For example “this 32 year old man, his 8 moth pregnant wife, his 27 year old sister and the old Asian grandmother in the purple woollen pyjamas” uses juxtaposition to create humour. This is because the imagery created is humorous. Paragraph 2

The use of text structures such as sentence structure and punctuation are used to engage the audience and helps show voice of the characters. An array of simple, compound and complex sentences are used to keep the readers interested and helps engage them. For example “Although they travelled through three Southeast Asian countries on foot, nothing can prepare them for travelling up and down the escalator” is much more engaging than saying“ They travelled through three Southeast Asian countries on foot. Nothing can prepare them for travelling up and down escalators.” The use of compound sentence makes the readers more interested than if the writer uses simple sentences. This is because the use of both compound and complex sentences gives more information. Punctuation such as direct speech and exclamation marks are used to express the characters voice. For example “Ahhh, I’m scaaared!” shows that the character is truly scared. This is...