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Topics: Human, Human evolution, Africa Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Out of Africa
(The Incredible Human Journey)
Hosted by Alice Roberts
Out of Africa: The Incredible Human Journey, is an educational movie series hosted by Alice Roberts, a medical doctor and anthropologist, trying to explain the reasons behind evolution and repopulation of humans from our early ancestors by citing existing evidences such as skulls or bones, artifacts and many more in different parts of Africa. The purpose and intention of the film was to discuss that we, as a modern human being, just evolved and originated from Africa. Emphasizing that all people in the world came from Africa.

Throughout Robert’s journey in the film, she met lots of people having different views towards this evolution of humans. It started when Dr. Robert crossed a river and arrived in an island somewhere in Africa, and later introduced to the head of the said tribe who entertained her. She was then guided by villagers into the place wherein it is said that it is the place where the early humans lived. Robert observed that there’s no visible roads present on their track, and a little bit curious to how do these villagers reach their destination paths without roads to remember setting as guides for directions. During their walk, Dr. Robert noticed that one of the guiding villagers is carrying a gun, which is for protection purposes they said. Because according to them the other tribes might attack them anytime on their way to the said place. After Dr. Robert’s very tiring and long walk, she finally reached her destination, and finally arrived at the place where according to them where early human remains were found. Robert stated facts and histories about the place, wherein she believed that people live their in thousand years ago. She also discussed and explained to what are the possible explanations to how African ancestors left Africa repopulating throughout the world. Later on, Dr. Robert spend her night in the wild making a safety place for her to...
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