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Topics: Actor, South Plantation High School, American Sign Language Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Theatre goers were in for an ENORMOUS ride at South Plantation High School’s production of “Big” the musical. This cleverly directed comedy about a young child’s wish and the need to embrace one’s inner child was certainly a spectacle to be remembered. The plot follows Josh, an adorable tween growing up in New Jersey who in his frustration with pre-teenage angst, wishes himself to be a grown-up. At first, the prospects of grown up life scare him into regret, but as the plot progresses Josh finds grown up life to be rather amusing. The youngster, now in a full grown body forms a love connection with his co-worker, Susie, who is completely oblivious to the fact that Josh is a boy in a man’s body. South Plantation did a remarkable job of making a wonderful production the ultimate bonding experience for the entire community while maintaining striking and show stopping quality. Mention of this show would not be complete without giving due credit to the phenomenal job done by Logan Moreno and Frederick Bredemeyer, in their roles as Young Josh and his best friend Billy respectively. They did a phenomenal job to say the very least. Their command of the stage and dynamic energy showed that the stages across the world haven’t seen the last of these two. Any minor technical missteps were drastically over shadowed by both the energy and commitment of all the actors and the gorgeous and versatile set pieces that were used. As always South Plantation made it a point that everyone would be able enjoy their fabulous production through use of American Sign Language throughout the show. Aside from the wonderful talents of Joseph Franklin in his role as Josh, another actor that stole the stage was Lance Spencer. Spencer bursting in his role as Nick and as a salesperson filled his role with a flamboyance unmatched by that of any actor. He did a wonderful job of making his role shine while complimenting the work of the other actors as well. Another gem found in this cast was Tajah...
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