Critiacal Analysis of Sunday at the Park

Topics: Doctor Who, Pain, Shut up Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: June 21, 2011
After reading “Sunday at the Park” by Bel Kaurman it reminded me of all the different parenting skills out there including my own. Everyone has a different method of educating their children which is great. I am an open minded person and I think that you should do what works for you. Some of us parents simply cross the line and the sad part is that we only hurt our own children. As soon as I finished reading this short story right away I remembered something very similar that happened to me just about two months ago. It was a hot summer day and the youngest of my three children was due for his year old doctor’s appointment. You know what usually happens during a hot summer day right? Well just in case you’re wondering, you definetly get in a bad mood espessialy if you are looking after three overly active children. Going back to where I left off, my husband had to work on the day of my son’s scheduled appointment so it was up to me to take him to the doctor along with our daughter Kaitlynn and our son Giovanni. Everything was going smoothly my children are usually well behaved Kaitlynn is my oldest child she is eleven years old, and Giovanni my middle child is nine years old, they are usually always very helpful with their baby brother. We arrived at the doctor’s office and I soon realized that we were going to be in there for a while. The waiting area was filled to the max capacity so I decided to wait in the hall way right outside of the waiting area while we were called in. After about 35 minutes it was our turn we were so glad we didn’t have to wait more than that. Adrian had all the usual procedures done height, weight, vital signs, and of course my baby received four painful vaccines. I advised Dr. Berlioz that Adrian has been teething and has been very irritable, Dr. Berlioz prescribed Adrian a pain reliever and some cold...
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