Criteria While Applying a Web Quest

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Emilia Jędra 3B

What criteria would you apply when selecting or designing a web quest for your students?

Nowadays teachers can apply a number of methods to teach the language and to motivate students for the learning. Invented by Tom March and Bernie Dodge in 1990s, the web quest is inquiry-oriented online tool for learning. Therefore, students, in order to do the task and answer some questions, are to find, evaluate and organize information by using the World Wide Web. Usually it is applied as a form of a project work for groups and can be either applied during one lesson as a single subject or during more than one lesson as a way of exploring the particular unit. Simple as it seems, before conducting a web quest each teacher should plan it carefully using good criteria. While applying the web quest in the class the teacher should follow certain steps. At first he should introduce the subject and goals of the project work. This is to interest students and motivate them for the work. The more excited they become at the beginning, the more successful project will be. A task is a second step. In this step the teacher tells the students what they are to do and can even show the finished project from the group to encourage students and present how it looks after finishing. Then the teacher describes the procedure of the tasks that learners should follow while doing the project. As a next step the teacher provides the students with the links to the websites where the can find some help and answers for a given tasks. The fifth step is evaluation. As the name denotes, this is the moment in which the teacher evaluates students’ work. In each web quest there must be a special rubric for the assessment. The last step is conclusion. The students have the chance to make some inferences and think of what could be improved. Only after following these steps, can a web quest be successful. Nevertheless, there are two other rules that cannot be forget. The...
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