Criteria of a Successful Product Launch

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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"Criteria of a Successful Product Launch"

From: Jeffrey Pezzella
June 16, 2009

Dear Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Rocket your sales.

Blow your competition away.

Sounds like the same old hype, right?

I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t witnessed it first hand, after hundreds of hours of case studies…

Product Launches are real and they do just that: They launch your sales and services into orbit!


If you’re serious about succeeding, then the following criteria have to be met for a great Product Launch:

|Do you have an existing client list of at least 50 people online or offline? |Yes |No | |Do you have a product or products to sell? |Yes |No | |If you don't have a product but offer a service, do you have a viable business with viable clients? |Yes |No | |Are you motivated to make your business more profitable? |Yes |No | |Do you have a website for your company or service? |Yes |No | |Can you create your product quickly with a high turn around? Custom-made or hand-made products are |Yes |No | |difficult to take advantage of this program. | | | |Can a baseline of your business’ revenue be established before a Product Launch begins? |Yes |No | |Can your customer achieve the benefits promised of your benefit or service? |Yes |No | |Does your business already have some type of cohesive infrastructure set up? Start ups are much more |Yes |No | |difficult to take advantage of this...
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