Criteria of Power

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  • Published : January 29, 2009
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Power is defined as the ability to do or act; strength; authority; control; or person having authority (Collins Gem-English Dictionary 1995). A nation or political entity wanting to have the power to influence the course of world events would require three important criteria which are, a strong economy, military, and a good educational system.

A strong economy is one of the most important criteria in making a country powerful because it provides the country with the ability to buy resources other countries cannot buy. For example they are able to buy new military weapons, and cutting edge technology. A strong economy has the ability to create new and highly sophisticated technology that no one else has because they have vast resources. Another reason why it is important is because they have the ability to lend money to countries that are in need of money. This allows them to be in control of that country if they are not paying up. They can just take control of their resources and use that as payment. Also when a country has credible sources for their economic base, this allows them to be able to trade with other countries whose main industries are also credible like for example the United States has credible resources whereas Columbia’s economy is built upon cocaine. An example of a powerful country with a strong economy is Russia. Russia is an up-and-coming superpower, and has become the world’s top crude oil producer. Since 1998 global oil prices have increased tenfold and Russia is now beating Saudi Arabia for the most amount of crude oil produced. Their economy now has overflowing funds for new schools, roads, and national defense projects, and Moscow’s new richness are plunking down millions of dollars for mansion-scale “dachas”, (seasonal or year round homes)(National Geographic June 2008). Most of this boom is taking place in western Siberia’s oil fields, which produce around 70 percent of Russia’s oil around seven million barrels a day. Western...
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