Criteacl Thinking' Islam Non-Christion / Contrast

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Dennis Perez
APOL 104

Critical Thinking Assignment
Islamic view of the world
Muslims believe that God is creator of all got set up the system that you must all be in harmony the rain to water the phases of the moon and other great stuff that comes along with them according to Islamic Bible and belief is that the earth follows a nature law of God since it to obey God. God's law or if disobey consequences . And along with the moon in this and the weather and in the water and everything is some sense of nature that God guide giving instinct to the creatures on earth. And along with the move in the earth and the weather with the water everything is some sense harmony with nature from God. ….

Okay so the answer number one non-Christian whatever he TOGETHER doesn't depend on Christian faith and wiser so much suffering in the Bible and goes on to the very unit of the Bible and what about the prophet Isaiah in going against the creator consequences. The coming from a science view religion is not acceptable to scientist to the lack of data proven facts the science cannot see you say religious people are close minded people that analyze pray the statues and but there's a lot of scientists that you give respect to religion is something deep down inside them that letting them know that there is something power more powerful then them!!.

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