Crisp Market

Topics: Goldman Sachs, Transparency International, Political corruption Pages: 4 (592 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Variable 1 market size
1) Market size Value
2) Market size volume
Sweet and savoury snacks South Africa Euromonitor 2011 Passport

3) Population
Population Reference Bureau – 2012 World Population Data sheets P. 9

The BRICS Report Oxford Report P.2 (2012)

BRICS-MONTLY Goldman Sachs Global Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research 2010

Variable 2Market growth

The BRICS Report Oxford P. 35 (2012)

Variable 2Market growth

1) Purchasing Power (GDP/Person[capita=per head])

The BRICS Report Oxford P.35 (2012)

SWEET AND SAVOURY SNACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA Euromonitor International (2011) P. 7

2) Market Consumption Capacity [look Goldman Sachs – Variable 1 3) Population]

Variable 3Competitors

1) Market share

P. 4-5 Sweet and savoury snacks South Africa Euromonitor 2011 Passport


Variable 4Economic

1) Tariffs,,contentMDK:21051044~pagePK:64214825~piPK:64214943~theSitePK:469382,00.html Table 4: Tariff Escalations in Developing and Industrial Countries in Recent Years (unweighted average in %)

2) Contingents
3) Market Entry barriers

4) Embargos


South Africa 2011: 5,717,863,701 (

IMF Working Paper - FDI from BRICs to LICs: Emerging Growth Driver (2011) P.5



Variable 5Political solidity

1) Form of State
Southern Africa is at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. The Government use a presidential system for ruling (Head of state and the head of government are united currently in a person).

2) Corruption (Transparency International) Full table and rankings 2011
The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be. A...
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