Crisis of the Third Century

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Military Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: May 11, 2013
The Crisis of the third Century
Kristina Hansen
December 19, 2012
George Thomson

The Crisis of the third Century
The crisis of the third century would ultimately lead to the fall of Rome. There are many different reasons that the crisis of the third century ultimately led to the fall of Rome. The three reasons that will be discussed are political, economic and military. These are all related in many different ways. The governing aparatus began to fade and the communication systems began to fail. This is when the rich began to to remove themselves from government functions and becoming more self-sufficient. The rich began to buy farm land and hired the poor to do the work for them. The rich also hired the poor in order to pay them so they could pay their taxes. The rich did not have to pay taxes; setting the foundations of fuedalsim. This lead to the economy to start to fail. Taxes were paid by the poor and the rich was able to avoid having to pay taxes this is why the poor would offer their services to the rich in order to be paid so they could pay their taxes. At this time they had to make coins worth less by removing the silver from the coins that they had made. They also needed to find a way to get more people to join the army so they would tell them if the people would join the army they would be highly rewarded for their services. They would promise that when someone who was in the army and there services were no longer need they would be given a large amount of land for them to have and this would make them rich. This then lead to the military become defiant because eventually they were no longer given what they were promised. The militaries goals changed the role was not to expand but to defend and maintain the borders of the roman empire agianst on going attacks. Then began the rise of the military this is when the military began to retaliate against the emperors due to them not getting what was promised to them. The military was weak so...
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