Crisis Management - Case Study

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Crisis Management- A Case Study on Mumbai Terrorist Attack
Manisha Shekhar Centre for Strategic Analysis & Research Deptt. of Electronics & Communication Dr. M. C. Saxena college of Engg. & Technology, UPTU, Lucknow, India E-mail: Tel: +91-0522-4095700; Fax: +91-0522-4095730 Abstract This paper examined the Indian government intervention in crisis management during 2008, terrorist attack on MUMBAI. Empirical findings show that the intervention of increasing external pressure and internal self awareness forced INDIAN Government to change its crisis management strategy. Different administrative level (local, regional, national and international) were co operatively involved in taking action and controlling crisis. A strange pattern has been observed and study has been done to find out the next probability of occurrence of crisis. Also a detailed analysis of crisis management program has been done utilizing the information of various crisis case studies that had occurred in the past.

Keywords: Crisis Management, Government Intervention, Media Intervention, Disaster Scenario Networking and Recovery Growth process.

Terrorism has assumed serious dimensions after the September 11 attack on the twin towers of World Trade Centre in United States of America. The full blown up pictures of the abrupt vertical collapse of the commercial might of USA was witnessed world over. Since then the periodical attacks are aimed at various targets by the radical groups in various parts of the globe. Stringent laws vis-à-vis nonpolitical swift handling of the terrorist attacks in some countries has yielded deterrent results and the countries where able to overcome this menace. However, contrary to this, India which has belatedly converted into the epicenter of terrorism, is dealt with casual approach and resulted into heavy mortality and gave a setback to the growing economy. Another attack………more than a couple of hundred dead and several hundreds injured in the recently Mumbai terrorist attack. The regular phenomenon of terrorist attacks in India are keeping everyone guessing as to who could be next victim of the flow of terror. Security forces did a splendid job in evacuating every possible hostage but could not save many as they were caught unaware but shown below is some strategic pattern by which we can actually earmark where the next attack would be and when. This has been analyzed in the case study which follows later in this research paper.

Definition and Anatomy of Crisis
The real challenge is not just to recognize crises, but to recognize them in a timely fashion and with a will to address the issues they represent. What are the early warning signs? What analysis serves to

Crisis Management- a Case Study on Mumbai Terrorist Attack


give early warning of change and the possibility of a future national crisis? Again, the challenge is not only to recognize the crisis but also to bring the complex factors into focus in such a manner that individuals can understand and marshal the forces necessary to address the situation. A crisis has been defined as a”turning point for better or worse,” ”decisive moment,” or ”crucial time.” A crisis can also be described as”a situation that has reached a critical phase.” A crisis is, therefore, an unstable time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending – either one with a distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome, or one with a distinct possibility of a highly desirable and extremely positive outcome. Any executive who can predict and plan for a turning point in his or her organization stands a far better chance of capitalizing on that opportunity than someone who allows the crisis to sneak up on him or her unprepared. Contrary to popular belief, a...
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