Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

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Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery
For any organization, crisis can lead to a downfall or an upheaval. A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of an organization, usually brought on by a process failure, adverse or negative attention. But the need of the hour during any Crisis is implementing an already rehearsed crisis plan and executing it to near perfection. But even seasoned and well rehearsed crisis plans do fail in certain circumstances due to several factors. Crisis plans and the communication methodologies documented in them do not handle all unforeseen events, they have to be adjusted and customized according to the event. As Oliver Schmidt (2010) states: “Only if the systematic planning, implementation and evaluation of a company's internal crisis communication are conducted company-wide and on an ongoing basis, will management be able to rely on this valuable tool for minimizing crisis-related damage as well as seizing any opportunities the crisis itself may present” (par 4).

What would be the first task at hand in the event of a crisis? Key members and employees that are part of the crisis task force should be contacted and assembled immediately. The team should be divided into groups and each group being responsible for one or more problem areas. Make sure each team understands their responsibility and knows what to communicate and how to do it. As George Ambler states: “Make sure the management team knows how and what to communicate, and that no one is a bystander. Limit potential damage from leader’s informal conversations that are overheard and ripple through every organization” (par 5). The Crisis management team needs to understand completely as to what happened and what should be the message that needs to be conveyed to fellow employees, key stakeholders and customers/clients. To prevent false rumors from spreading out the communication needs to be quick, efficient and truthful. Citing an Anonymous source...
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