Crisis Intervention Scenario

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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KGA Part I
Crisis Scenario Development

Shamone Reynolds
February 13, 2012

Ever have something happen in your life that has impacted you in some way either negative or positive? In particular a crisis situation, which by definition is a perception or experiencing of an event or situation as an intolerable difficulty that exceeds the person’s current resources and coping mechanisms (James, 2008). A crisis situation can be anything from being robbed at gunned point to having your place of employment shut down due to faulty wiring thru-out the building. No matter how big or small, if the event interrupts your everyday routine and you find yourself struggling to get past it, you have encounter a crisis. The rest of this writing will take into a life changing event of 42 year old Darren Phillips. Darren Phillips grew up in a small town in North Carolina with his mother, father and younger sister. When Darren was 18 years old his father was killed in a car accident by a drunken driver. His younger sister, Karen who was 14 at the time, was in the car with their father and suffered a concussion and a broken arm. She recovered from her broken arm but due to the damage to her brain she suffered from temporary memory loss for the next 2 years. Karen was unable to complete high school on time and depended greatly on Darren and her mother to care for her. About two months after Karen’s 16th birthday her memory started to come back and within the next 8 months she had gained her full memory back. During the two years that his sister was without her memory, Darren spent much of his time by his sister’s side. He graduated from high school, and was in the process of choosing a college to attend. He was offered two basketball scholarships, one for the University of North Carolina and another for University of Michigan. Darren turned down both offers and attended a community college so that he could stay close to his sister and mother....
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