Crisis Intervention by Social Workers in Fire Departments

Topics: Firefighter, Sociology, Social sciences Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Crisis Intervention by Social Workers in Fire Departments
Social Work deals with crisis intervention consisting of many people and departments such as firefighters, police departments, or community service workers. Social Work has a history of helping people that has dealt with catastrophic events. Not only does the fire department respond to calls about fires, they also handle incidents such as shootings, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic deaths, and other fatalities. The firemen of Phoenix, Arizona recognize all people as human beings placing put emphasis on communication and collaboration. Firefighters provide and have the tools to educate the people of the neighborhood on things such as First Aid, CPR, and fire safety tips. The firemen join in forces with social workers to bring a wealth of information to the community. This relates to social work because it is a group effort to bring a community together. Like Social Workers, Firefighters are trained to deal with emergency situations and crisis intervention every day. To deal with crisis intervention, a person has to strongly place emphasis on communication, collaboration, and caring for others. Social workers have the skills needed to educate, empower, and assist victims that are involved in such traumatic situations. Social Workers can advocate support for people that are in need by using creative intervention such as nonfamilial sources of support for the community. This can be integrated into professions of all kinds. Years ago, when I was younger the Fire fighters were used to only fight fires. Now they are used different types of community services, community involvement, and used for training classes. This proves that it takes a great community and many different professions to support and repair the community and. Social work consists of more duties than sitting around an office engaging in paper work all day waiting for people to come to you. It is about lending a helping hand in...
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